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Life Coaching

Helping you create a vision of where you want it to go and a plan to get there.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Working with clients overcome problematic habits and build new habits to forward their life in the desired direction


Helping individuals to figure out the subconscious reasons they sabotage themselves or what “walls” are blocking them from reaching their goals.

Business Coaching

Helping you create a life-work balance plan and achieve your ultimate dreams.

My Mission

My mission is to assist my clients, you, through listening and guidance to define your mission; to facilitate your self-awareness and learning; to help you raise your confidence and abilities; and to empower you to reach your greatest potential.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Marina has been one of the best coaches that I’ve ever worked with. She has many wonderful qualities, but what struck me most was how insightful and compassionate she is. Aside from being a great communicator, she is an excellent listener and will repeat things back to you that you don’t even remember saying. She listens deeply and pays attention and that’s huge. Her willingness to brainstorm is refreshing. I also find her to be caring, joyous, and funny. She lightens up a dark situation and she finds a solution to pretty much any problem. Marina is an amazing coach and I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life.


I always feel much better and more collected after I speak to Marina. She helps transform my anguish into meaningful solutions! I couldn’t recommend her more!

Katherine N.

Marina gave me a lot of inspiration and insight into my own life. She is one of the kindest and wisest therapists and coaches out there! I have been talking with her for a while. Ever since I started my journey of opening up, she helped me navigate my life and blossom.

Sadie A.

I worked with Marina for several months. She was the first source of hope I had in a while. Virtual visits felt personal due to her professional and caring guidance. Marina has the ability to remember small details, utilizing them at the right time. Forever grateful.

Ethan W.

Marina is an excellent therapist and has helped me accomplish many of my goals! She does an incredible job getting to the root of problems or situations and providing clarity. She is a great person to chat with because you learn a little about her so it feels like a conversation with a friend. If you are looking for a therapist or a coach, I highly recommend seeing Marina!

Georgia B.

Coach Marina is the real deal. Provides a safe environment and has a true passion for helping clients meet their goals. She is extremely intuitive and empathetic, but also very practical. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

David S.

I have been working with Marina James for over 6 months. She is so easy to talk to and I look forward to my sessions with her. She is knowledgeable in all issues I have brought to her attention. It’s difficult to find a therapist and a coach that you feel comfortable with but I am 100% comfortable with Marina and I’m fortunate to have found her. Moving forward is exciting when you have a good person on your side to confide in. I recommend Marina James to anyone that is seeking help.

Rebekah R.

I had an emotional problem with my adult adopted daughter. I was depressed and stressed. After a call with Marina thing fell into place.  It no longer looked like a hopeless situation.  I followed Marina’s advice, and our relationship is improving. Thank you.

Friend and Colleague

Marina has been a coach to me for several years now and she has been very helpful. She is easy to talk to, and an excellent listener. Her insights into the things that have previously held me back are invaluable. With her guidance I have accomplished many things I did not believe were possible. I am so glad I have her to work with!

Magi T.

My sessions with Marina always leave me with a boost in my confidence and sense of direction. She is caring and supportive, working with her is a big stress reliever to me.

Hannah B.

I’ve worked with Marina for a good amount of time now to say that she is my mentor and friend. She’s like the friend that kicks you in the butt to get going and does it in a loving and professional way. Her ambition and devotion to her craft is contagious, yet never forgets to drive home the importance of self care, healing, and personal development. I’m very grateful for her and her dedication for guiding me. I’m very excited to see where the future will take us next.

Emily M.

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